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This price range is not an actual quote and is based on industry averages. 3 Bedroom House shipments can vary in size. You may need additional services like packing. Tariff pricing is different for each moving company.
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The search for your movers is done. You don't need to fill out any other forms, just sit back, relax, and multiple movers will be in touch with you to give you competing quotes for your specific move.

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Your ballpark estimates will be sent to your email and your movers will soon contact you by phone. Be ready to speak with your movers regarding your inventory to receive a more accurate quote.

What is it based on?
The weight of your inventory is one of the major factors your quote is based on.
Fuel charges and toll fees will increase as your distance becomes greater.
Off-peak season moves are relatively cheaper than peak season.
Extra Services
Adding on extra services like specialty packing will increase your quote.
Origin & Destination
The start and end of your move can affect the price depending on the route's popularity.
How it works?
1. Submit a few details about your move
2. View your estimated price range
3. Get multiple quotes from available companies
How do you calculate my moving quote?
We use several details of your move to create each individual moving quote. The price range is based on the size of your inventory, the date you're moving, the distance of your move and that particular route's popularity. Any extra services you'll need will also affect your moving quote. All these factors play a major role in shaping the price of your move.
Can my moving quote be as low as $999?
Yes, it's possible to receive a quote as low as $999 based on your move criteria. For example, a very small shipment from a studio apartment moving a short distance during an off peak season can be quoted as low as $999.
Who can I expect to contact me?
When submitting your information to, you'll receive multiple moving quotes from companies that can service your specific route so you don't waste time talking to companies that can't. These companies compete for your business, assuring you the best possible price. All companies in the network are licensed by the FMCSA and will contact you with individual moving quotes.
What is Budget Van Lines?
Budget Van Lines is the nation's largest household goods moving broker. We carry a wide range of licensed and reputable carriers in our network that service long distance moves across the country. allows you to receive competing quotes from licensed movers available for your move as well as an individual quote from Budget Van Lines.
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*Disclaimer: Once submitting a quote request on, based on your search criteria, our system will match you with licensed third party companies that can service your route.

Budget Van Lines Inc, a federally licensed moving broker, could also be one of the companies competing for your business. Budget Van Lines is not a motor carrier and does not own moving trucks. Budget Van Lines will generate a quote for you based on the details of your intended move, as well as the availability of licensed motor carriers in Budget Van Lines' network.